Bulk MMS Services

It’s like sending a TV ad or presentation DIRECTLY to your business’s clients, with a guarantee that they see it! MMS’s have sound, animation, pictures and videos & could be up to 25 pages!

Bulk MMS marketing is an excellent way to get a business’s website and products promoted for the following reasons:

  • It is more effective than television with the same visual attractiveness and the client can download and
  • view the videos or pictures when he or she is ready
  • Cost effective way to send pictures and videos
  • Clients want to receive the messages because they don’t pay for the images
  • Clients often forward the messages to other people and in doing so perform viral marketing without
  • your company paying a cent extra
  • Fast delivery of the messages
  • Measurable marketing effort as notification of delivery and opening is received
  • 35 % and more respond within the first day of receiving the message
  • Price from 99c . . .